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4 accused of being associated with drug crimes after overdose

Sometimes when an individual dies of a drug overdose, the authorities will begin an investigation to try to find where the individual got the drugs. This scenario recently occurred in Wisconsin. Now, the authorities have arrested a total of four young men and accused them of being associated with drug crimes.

The day after a young man died from a heroin overdose, the authorities began investigating his death. Interviews with the deceased's family supposedly gave the authorities the names of persons who could have sold heroin to the deceased. The authorities received a call later that day for a domestic disturbance, but when they searched the man's residence, they found heroin and arrested him.

48 arrested on drug charges for alleged heroin ring

Resulting from a drug take down in the Milwaukee area, 48 individuals were arrested for various crimes. The Wisconsin authorities supposedly began the operation after arresting the ringleader during this past summer. Now, those arrested face various drug charges for their alleged involvement in the heroin drug ring.

The authorities say they were able to arrest the ringleader by using wiretaps. The information from the wiretaps presumably led the authorities to continue investigating. At the time the ringleader was arrested, the authorities suspect that the organization was earning about $4,000 per day in heroin sales. One search warrant was executed at the alleged ring dealer's residence, and an undisclosed number of people were arrested there.

Man charged with an offense after string of alleged crimes

After allegedly punching a man and then leaving the scene, an individual has been arrested near the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus. The individual is suspected of committing a string of assaults as well as robberies near the Wisconsin university. The 19-year-old man has been charged with an offense, and the authorities are looking for at least three more individuals who could have also been involved.

At around 9:15 p.m. on Oct. 26, the defendant and another individual were supposedly walking together when they spotted the alleged victim and his friend. According to the victim, the defendant ran up and punched him without provocation. He says that he was able to get away and alert a campus police officer.

Wisconsin criminal defense: Charges dropped for lack of evidence

After 10 months of anticipation, a woman's criminal charges have finally been dropped. The Wisconsin woman was originally arrested and accused of disorderly conduct as well as battery on a police officer. Her case was painstakingly scrutinized by both her criminal defense and the prosecution until prosecutors admitted that they could not prove the charges against her beyond a reasonable doubt.

The woman was arrested on Jan. 5. Originally, the police were called to a liquor store to apprehend the woman's brother-in-law. The woman was apparently yelling at her family member when a different officer began to arrest her. The officer reportedly used excessive force when arresting the woman.

Man charged with sexual assault in haunted house

Every year during Halloween, thousands of Americans enjoy going to haunted houses. At one Wisconsin haunted house, multiple individuals claim that a crime occurred within the attraction. One man was arrested and charged with sexual assault after accusations surfaced that he inappropriately touched multiple victims at the haunted house.

According to the owner of the haunted house, multiple patrons as well as some workers complained that they were inappropriately touched inside the attraction. The owner said that he thought around eight people in total made complaints. However, this number has not been confirmed by the authorities.

24 charged with internet sex crimes after sting operation

Twenty-four individuals were recently arrested after a sting operation spanning several counties. The Wisconsin authorities used the operation to target Internet sex crimes against children. Each individual has been accused of using a computer to facilitate a sex crime, and they could each face up to 25 years' imprisonment if found guilty of that charge.

In most of the cases, the arrests supposedly followed an online correspondence with an undercover officer posing as a 15-year-old girl. In multiple cases, the men were allegedly hesitant to meet the girl, and they even asked if she was really who she said she was or if she was a "molester catcher," as one man purportedly stated. The most serious charges were brought against a man who supposedly made arrangements to meet the girl, and he showed up with meth and THC. Another man was a registered sex offender.

Wisconsin felony offense: Husband accused of double homicide

After a man and woman were murdered in Berlin, the woman's estranged husband was arrested and charged with murder. The Wisconsin authorities had originally questioned the man as being a person of interest, and they let him go. However, now he has been arrested and accused of the felony offense.

Local police responded to a 911 after a  passer-by reportedly spotted the wife's body on a city sidewalk. After searching the nearby area, the officers supposedly found the boyfriend's body in a nearby apartment. The apartment may have belonged to the woman. Both the boyfriend and the wife were pronounced dead at each scene.

3 plead guilty to federal drug charges

After an investigation by the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and the Superior Police Narcotics Unit, three people were arrested. The Wisconsin police officers suspected that the three were involved with the distribution of methamphetamine in the Superior area. The three individuals were arrested on federal drug charges, and all three have recently entered their pleas.

According to the law enforcement officers, the three defendants supposedly conspired to commit drug crimes. Those crimes purportedly included trafficking approximately 50 pounds of meth into the area, starting in 2012 and ending in March 2014, which is when each person was arrested. The details of their arrests are unclear, but they were arrested after a drug seizure, possibly on a residence.

Man faces drunk driving charge after 2 alleged hit-and-runs

Wisconsin individuals are likely well aware of the possible consequences of being charged with drinking and driving. One is at risk of social and criminal consequences should they be convicted of the drunk driving charge. These penalties are probably not the first thing someone thinks about when he or she decides to drink and get behind the wheel. In some cases, one may think that they are more than capable of driving because they only had one or two drinks.

A man in Wisconsin has recently been arrested and charged for OWI. This was after he was supposedly involved in two separate hit-and-run accidents. Authorities report that witnesses saw him rear-end one vehicle and then strike a van that was parked.

Fraternity president accused of drug charges after party

College fraternities, while being organizations designed to perpetuate brotherhood and fellowship, are also stereotypically places where many college students have parties. However, one University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee fraternity began to get carried away, according to campus authorities. The president of the fraternity was recently arrested for drug charges after one party allegedly got out of hand.

A large party formed at the fraternity on September 12, and the campus police arrived to check in on the situation. The officers claim that they were forced to break up the party after they saw at least four students become sick and "black out," and they supposedly saw even more students who were unable to speak or walk. An unspecified number of days later, the police raided the fraternity house.

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