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24 charged with internet sex crimes after sting operation

Twenty-four individuals were recently arrested after a sting operation spanning several counties. The Wisconsin authorities used the operation to target Internet sex crimes against children. Each individual has been accused of using a computer to facilitate a sex crime, and they could each face up to 25 years' imprisonment if found guilty of that charge.

In most of the cases, the arrests supposedly followed an online correspondence with an undercover officer posing as a 15-year-old girl. In multiple cases, the men were allegedly hesitant to meet the girl, and they even asked if she was really who she said she was or if she was a "molester catcher," as one man purportedly stated. The most serious charges were brought against a man who supposedly made arrangements to meet the girl, and he showed up with meth and THC. Another man was a registered sex offender.

Wisconsin felony offense: Husband accused of double homicide

After a man and woman were murdered in Berlin, the woman's estranged husband was arrested and charged with murder. The Wisconsin authorities had originally questioned the man as being a person of interest, and they let him go. However, now he has been arrested and accused of the felony offense.

Local police responded to a 911 after a  passer-by reportedly spotted the wife's body on a city sidewalk. After searching the nearby area, the officers supposedly found the boyfriend's body in a nearby apartment. The apartment may have belonged to the woman. Both the boyfriend and the wife were pronounced dead at each scene.

3 plead guilty to federal drug charges

After an investigation by the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and the Superior Police Narcotics Unit, three people were arrested. The Wisconsin police officers suspected that the three were involved with the distribution of methamphetamine in the Superior area. The three individuals were arrested on federal drug charges, and all three have recently entered their pleas.

According to the law enforcement officers, the three defendants supposedly conspired to commit drug crimes. Those crimes purportedly included trafficking approximately 50 pounds of meth into the area, starting in 2012 and ending in March 2014, which is when each person was arrested. The details of their arrests are unclear, but they were arrested after a drug seizure, possibly on a residence.

Man faces drunk driving charge after 2 alleged hit-and-runs

Wisconsin individuals are likely well aware of the possible consequences of being charged with drinking and driving. One is at risk of social and criminal consequences should they be convicted of the drunk driving charge. These penalties are probably not the first thing someone thinks about when he or she decides to drink and get behind the wheel. In some cases, one may think that they are more than capable of driving because they only had one or two drinks.

A man in Wisconsin has recently been arrested and charged for OWI. This was after he was supposedly involved in two separate hit-and-run accidents. Authorities report that witnesses saw him rear-end one vehicle and then strike a van that was parked.

Fraternity president accused of drug charges after party

College fraternities, while being organizations designed to perpetuate brotherhood and fellowship, are also stereotypically places where many college students have parties. However, one University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee fraternity began to get carried away, according to campus authorities. The president of the fraternity was recently arrested for drug charges after one party allegedly got out of hand.

A large party formed at the fraternity on September 12, and the campus police arrived to check in on the situation. The officers claim that they were forced to break up the party after they saw at least four students become sick and "black out," and they supposedly saw even more students who were unable to speak or walk. An unspecified number of days later, the police raided the fraternity house.

Man takes plea deal for Wisconsin drug charges

A man who was arrested for cocaine has recently been sentenced in his case. The Wisconsin man accepted a plea deal in his criminal defense for drug charges, and he pleaded guilty to drug possession. He received a stayed prison sentence, and -- if he fulfills all the obligations of his parole -- now he will only have to serve six months in jail.

On Feb. 14, the man was driving on the Interstate when he noticed a trooper on the side of the road had pulled another vehicle over. When the officer attempted to tell the man to remain in his vehicle, the man then allegedly panicked, and a police chase ensued. During the chase, the officer claimed that the man threw something out of his window. After the chase, other officers went to investigate, and they supposedly discovered that the object thrown out of the man's window was cocaine.

Man begins criminal defense for murder of wife, sister-in-law

When a person is killed, the authorities typically begin their investigation by interrogating the deceased's loved ones. In a recent case in Wisconsin, two sisters were murdered, and the police suspect that one sister's husband -- a former police officer recently diagnosed with a terminal illness -- may be responsible. The man will now have to begin forming his criminal defense against the accusations, but the investigation is still ongoing.

The 39-year-old resigned from his position as a sheriff's deputy in June after being diagnosed with ALS. On August 22, officers were called to the husband's home to respond to a shooting incident, and they found the man's wife shot to death. His sister-in-law had also been shot, but she was still alive. Allegedly, before she passed away, she told the police that her brother-in-law had shot her.

9 alleged gang members face drug charges, other accusations

After a year-long investigation, the Green Bay Police Department arrested several individuals whom they believe to be gang members. The Wisconsin authorities arrested nine supposed gang members, including the purported ring leader. The gang is called the Bay City Latin Kings. These individuals face drug charges as well as other criminal accusations.

The 26-year-old claimed ring leader, along with two additional members, were arrested under suspicion of committing criminal offenses. At first, no formal charges were filed. During a probable cause hearing, the authorities were able to gather enough evidence to convince a judge to sign a search warrant. After executing the warrant, the authorities supposedly found meth and drug paraphernalia. In addition to drug trafficking, the authorities also believe the three to be involved in firearm trafficking across the state.

Firefighter begins criminal defense for arson accusations

After two separate buildings in Sheboygan County caught fire, the investigators suspected that they were the result of arson. The details of the investigation remain unclear, but the Wisconsin authorities suspect that a volunteer firefighter was responsible for the crimes. The firefighter will now have to begin forming his criminal defense against the accusations.

The first fire allegedly occurred at a church on Aug. 5, and the second fire occurred the next day at a barn in the same county. Several fire departments from different cities, as well as the Sheboygan County Fire Investigation Unit, responded to the barn fire, and the blaze was contained to only one half of the barn. The damage to the church is unknown at this time.

Man charged with an offense for escape after white-collar scheme

A 28-year-old man was recently arrested and accused of committing white-collar crimes. It is claimed that the man arranged fraudulent business transactions with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. He has also been charged with an offense for failure to return after a release, which allegedly turned him into a fugitive from justice.

The man was supposedly serving a nine-month sentence for a domestic assault conviction when he was approved for a release in December. However, he allegedly failed to return to jail once the release was up. While out of jail, the man was accused of an elaborate white-collar crime scheme involving business transactions.

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