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Wisconsin criminal defense: Murder case reopened after 17 years

In 1997, Wisconsin police discovered a teenage girl's body in a marsh in Racine County. After 17 years, the Wisconsin authorities reexamined the case, and they arrested the man whom they believe to be responsible for her death. The man is surely now focused on forming his criminal defense against the murder accusations.

The 14-year-old girl was a runaway teen from another state. She was last seen getting into a vehicle with an older man after a party. Two weeks later, two hunters in the Racine County marshes discovered her body. The coroners determined that there were signs of battery and sexual assault before she was suffocated.

Wisconsin driving instructor faces DWI charge after her arrest

Drinking and driving, even when no one is injured, could result in an individual's termination or release from work. While many different career fields can be hindered by individuals who have been convicted of operating while intoxicated, a Wisconsin woman may find herself looking for work. After being arrested, a driver's education instructor now faces a first offense DWI charge.

Traffic officials first noticed the vehicle when the driver was swerving across multiple lanes and even crossed the center line on several occasions. When the driver finally pulled off the road into a parking lot, police observed the "student vehicle" stopped in the lot in front of a local grocery store. The vehicle was then approached by four minors, at which point the officers engaged the driver and asked her questions regarding her sobriety.

Wisconsin police arrest man for internet sex crime.

Wisconsin law enforcement officials recently arrested a man who is also apparently wanted in another state as well. The man's arrest is in connection with charges of involvement in an internet sex crime. The man could possibly be sentenced to prison for four decades if he is ultimately found guilty of the accusations in criminal court.

The charges stem from an alleged attempt to meet an under-aged person for sex. An officer posing as a minor is said to have contacted the man through an advertisement placed on an internet site. When the undercover policeman supposedly told the man that he was not an adult, the accused man allegedly continued to pursue contact with the supposed teenager.

Son convicted of drug crimes for marijuana operation with father

A man who was on trial for allegedly being involved in a marijuana grow operation with his father has recently been sentenced. The Wisconsin man was convicted on a felony count of manufacturing or delivering marijuana between 200 and 1,000 grams. He was sentenced to 119 days of jail time already served plus other stipulations for his drug crimes.

The 22-year-old was arrested on May 31, 2013 at the residence he shared with his father. The authorities had received tips from neighbors about the two acting suspiciously. Some of the purported suspicious activities included constantly checking security cameras on their property, carrying large bags in and out of the residence during the night and covering the windows of the residence with a dark material. The authorities were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence.

3 accused of murder; no formal charges in criminal defense yet

Three individuals were recently arrested after a homicide in Barron County. These persons are accused of shooting and killing a 33-year-old turkey farm manager in his home. The three Wisconsin individuals were arrested under suspicion of first-degree murder, but they have yet to be formally charged. Nevertheless, they are surely focused on preparing their criminal defense, even in advance of the charges being filed.

The police responded to an early morning call on the man's property after a woman in the home allegedly heard a loud noise, presumably the shooting, and noticed some items in disarray. When the police discovered the body, the police were able to determine that the victim's death was a murder caused by a gunshot wound. The firearm that the police initially suspect caused the wound has been recovered.

Couple face felony offense for forged prescriptions in Wisconsin

A couple from Milwaukee was recently arrested under accusations of forgery. The investigators suspect that the couple forged prescriptions from a Wisconsin doctor so that they could obtain and abuse OxyContin. Each individual has been charged with a felony offense for these forgery accusations.

The couple was arrested after visiting a Walgreens in Menomonee Falls. Reportedly, prescription forgeries for painkillers and other drugs have increased in number in this area, and the pharmacists had apparently been preparing for any potentially forged prescriptions. One such pharmacist contacted the authorities when the professional suspected that the couple was attempting to get the drugs with a forged prescription.

Wisconsin police chief pleaded guilty to drunk driving charge

The police chief of Amery was arrested last month for driving while intoxicated after crashing his vehicle. The Wisconsin man recently pleaded guilty to the drunk driving charge, and he received a lighter sentence since it was his first offense. He will also be able to keep his job.

On Feb. 16, the man apparently crashed his vehicle into a ditch while he was attempting to drive home that night. The police arrived at his residence, and they administered a Breathalyzer test that apparently registered his blood alcohol content to be .156. It is not clear why the officers suspected the chief of drunk driving and went to his home to administer the breath test in the first place.

$2M marijuana bust brings multiple drug charges for Wisconsin man

In what local police are calling the largest marijuana bust ever in Marathon County, a man who police believe to be responsible has been arrested. The police claim to have seized approximately $2 million worth of marijuana plants, as well as processed marijuana. The Wisconsin man faces multiple drug charges stemming from these sensational allegations.

The local police responded to a call at a Wausau residence after receiving a tip from a delivery company regarding a suspicious package. The police arrived with a K9 unit to search the home. Inside the home, they purportedly found thousands of dollars in cash as well as over 2,000 grams of processed marijuana. It is unclear why, but the investigation led the officers to search a second home.

Wisconsin man pleads no contest to felony offense in fraud scheme

A man recently entered a plea in his criminal case. The 72-year-old Wisconsin man was accused of being involved in a Social Security check scheme for many years. He accepted a plea deal, and he pleaded no contest to one felony offense of theft/false representation.

The man is accused of stealing his mother-in-law's Social Security checks for over 30 years. It is not clear whether the woman is deceased, but the woman reportedly has not been seen since the 1980s. Together with his wife and brother-in-law, the man is accused of stealing approximately $170,000 in Social Security checks. The charges against his wife were dropped after she suffered from a stroke in jail, and his brother-in-law was sentenced to a mental institution after he was found not guilty because of mental defect.

3 prepare criminal defense to claim of stealing $5 million violin

Three individuals have been arrested after what the police suspect was an elaborate art theft scheme. The three are accused of stealing a Stradivarius violin, which was made in 1715 and is reportedly worth $5 million. They were apprehended by Wisconsin police officers, and they must now prepare their criminal defense against these accusations.

The alleged scheme supposedly began last month when a concert violinist was assaulted with a stun gun, and the violin was taken from him. The purported attacker then fled the scene by way of an awaiting getaway car. The police officers were supposedly able to trace the discharge from the stun gun back to the man accused of owning it, and they arrested him.

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